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If you watch television, read the newspaper or listen to the radio, you know that lawsuits are an all-too common part of life in America, especially South Texas. People sue each other for all kinds of silly reasons. Some reasons are not that silly. Often, people sue and win, and if you find yourself in this situation, it has the potential ruin you financially. Ed Cantu doesn't want that to happen to anybody. That's why you need to know about personal umbrella insurance. It's called personal umbrella insurance because it covers the top of your other types of insurance, protecting you over and above their limits, just like an umbrella keeps the rain off you. Those "rainy days" catch us unexpectedly and Ed will want to be covered when the worst-case scenario happens to you. Talk to the helpful staff at Ed Cantu Insurance Agency about how adding umbrella insurance to your existing protection could protect you on a "rainy day".

Umbrella Insurance is Flexible

Umbrella insurance covers you in situations that auto and homeowner's policies do not. An example of this is "personal injury," not to be confused with bodily injury. Personal injury is when something you say (slander) or write (libel) hurts a person's name or standing in the community. Even if what you say is true, they could still sue you. If he or she sues you and the court says you are guilty of causing personal injury, you may have to pay them for it. Umbrella insurance covers you in this situation.

Another situation where you might need umbrella

insurance is if you hit a Mercedes and it collides with multiple cars on the expressway so the costs to repair the damage goes beyond the limit of your auto policy. If you don't have an umbrella insurance policy, you'll have to pay what your policy doesn't. Umbrella insurance would take care of that for you up to 1 Million dollars or more.

Umbrella Coverage is Inexpensive

Umbrella insurance is inexpensive because it covers you on those "rainy days" that don't happen very often. An umbrella policy might only cost you $200 to $400 per year (and that's only $17 to $34 per month) and cover you up to $1 million.

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